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Client Testimonials


“I was most impressed with the professionalism of your drivers. Thank you very much.”

Leading development finance organization

Security Specialist


“Our Flash Vehicles driver proved to be a very valuable driver and we’d love to have the opportunity to work with him again.”

UK-based Development Consultancy

Operations Manager


“We would like to express our appreciation for our Flash Vehicles driver, who at all times has been helpful, punctual, careful on the road and cheerful. It is service like this that makes us want to use your vehicles again!”

International Development Consultant


“I would like to thank Flash Vehicles for its partnership with us over the past 6 years. We are grateful for the attention and quick service we have experienced and would be happy to recommend Flash Vehicles to others.”

Global NGO

Senior Project Manager


“Your drivers were unfalteringly professional, friendly and did a great job. We really enjoyed working with Flash Vehicles and hope this can be the beginning of a long-standing relationship.”

United Kingdom-based NGO


“My Flash Vehicles driver was a really good off-road and defensive driver. Given the really rough road conditions found in Liberia, I was really lucky to have such a competent driver – we didn’t get stuck once. He also drove to conditions and respected other road users and was always available to collect and drop us off from places – no matter how far or how late.”

Global Health and Risk Consultancy

Senior Consultant


“We would like to say how much we appreciated our Flash Vehicles driver. During our stay he went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and safe. Not only is he an extremely skilled driver, he also proved a very informative driver and cultural advisor! He was always punctual, polite and friendly and made our trip to Sierra Leone a memorable, enjoyable and eventful experience. Our sincere thanks to Flash Vehicles; the roads may be bumpy, but our journey was smooth!”

Client from Austria


“We couldn’t celebrate our successes without including our Flash family too! Quite frankly if it wasn’t for them and the hours they worked and commitment to us, the ability to support the Ebola response and all of our work this year wouldn’t have been possible! They keep us sane, keep us safe, make us smile after a bad day and go above and beyond to make our lives easier!”

Prominent Africa-focused NGO

Operations Manager


“Many thanks for your service again; we were really satisfied with our Flash Vehicles car and driver. He is well trained, safe-driving and punctual and we will be happy to work with him and Flash Vehicles again on our next visit.”

Regional Nature Conservation NGO

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